Become a CHIFOO Volunteer

Are you a creative and passionate individual that is all about user experience? Do you want to make your mark on the profession? Participating in CHIFOO advances your career. There are dozens of ways to help. We have just rolled out our new Ambassador Program that has more specific volunteer roles.

Looking for individuals to help foster an even better CHIFOO experience. Is that you?

Wanted: Creative, UX enthusiasts with a panache for style and kindness.

CHIFOO Ambassador Program

The CHIFOO Ambassador Program is a new initiative to help the greater CHIFOO community be more involved in the overall process of creating the meeting experience, brand and most importantly its core mission. CHIFOO’s core goal is to provide educational resources (meetings, workshops, podcasts, videos, webinars, etc.) that focus on enhancing UX skills that will provide career growth to individuals and teams local to Portland and SW Washington.

The Ambassador Program will focus on three main tasks initially: increasing awareness and actionable goals of the core mission of CHIFOO, content creation, and establishing an even more welcoming environment. This program is a great way to introduce yourself to the UX community and to see if you want to increase your volunteer role responsibilities to be a CHIFOO Executive Board member.

There are different roles within the Ambassador Program depending on your availability and involvement level. Check them out below.

CHIFOO Ambassador Program and Roles

Welcoming Committee

As part of the Welcoming Committee, you would:

Create a positive/welcoming atmosphere by introducing yourself to new and returning CHIFOO attendees. You would essentially be helping people network, get signed-in, and overall feel instantly like a part of CHIFOO. This is a great way to make connections.

Welcoming Committee Involvement Level:

Volunteers willing to commit to coming to multiple CHIFOOd/CHIFOO meetings.

Are you an individual that enjoys meeting new people and making new social connections happen? Then maybe this is the role for you.

CHIFOO Content Creators

Are you looking to broaden your UX knowledge, have a tendency to summarize complex ideas succinctly, can deliver on deadlines, and really want to read about the newest techniques/skills in the UX community? Well, have we got a role for you.

As part of the CHIFOO Content Creators, you would:

Be one of the few to get a look into some of the newest and on-point e-books available from publishers like Rosenfield and O’Reily. You would get to publish your summary and quick analysis of the book onto the CHIFOO website with links to social media and LinkedIn. Grow your knowledge, get credited with and flex your analytical skills.

CHIFOO Content Creators Involvement Level:

Volunteers must be willing to stick to deadlines, produce non-biased summaries of the e-books that they have selected from a list of CHIFOO e-books available, be original (plagiarism is not ok and will not be tolerated), and be able to easily convey complex ideas for a large audience that have differing levels of UX knowledge.

Promotion Ambassador

Do you often find yourself talking about CHIFOO to new people and are you addicted to attending meetups involving UX, accessibility, HCI, and more? Fantastic! Keep up the good work. If you want to take it to the next level… maybe it’s time to become a Promotion Ambassador.

As part of the Promotion Ambassador, you would:

Promote CHIFOO and its events at birds-of-a-feather MeetUps/events in Oregon and in SW Washington. You would increase awareness of CHIFOO’s speaker series, workshops, and educational benefits in Oregon and SW Washington’s UX/tech community. This is a great way to make connections and be a positive front-facing.

Promotion Ambassador Involvement Level:

Volunteers willing to commit to attending other MeetUps/events/etc and discussing CHIFOO upcoming events, tagging/taking pictures and posting online when in relation to CHIFOO goals and speaker series.

Ambassador Roles for the Future

As you may have guessed, CHIFOO is dedicated to enriching and educating its members and attendees. We got back a lot of great information from talking with individuals of the CHIFOO community and also through our surveys.

We are not completely ready to offer a mentor/mentee experience, but we are looking into how to do it. In the meantime, we would like to know the interest level of our CHIFOO community and how many people would want to be involved in the mentor/mentee experience.

We are looking for professional, practicing UX professionals that might want to have mentee and those that would like to mentored.

Interested in Being a Mentor?

If you are interested in mentoring, please fill out the form below and also email to let us know your time commitment, why you would like to mentor, and what you do that be valuable for the benefit of the mentee.

Interested in Being a Mentee?

If you are interested in becoming a mentee please specify in the form below and also email to let us know that you would like to be a mentee. Please also include why you want to be a mentee, what your time commitment would be, and what you hope to gain from the mentor/mentee experience.

How to Become a CHIFOO Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ambassador Program just fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet below, let us know a little about you, the level of involvement you would like and the role that you are interested in. Our CHIFOO volunteer manager will get back to you shortly.

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CHIFOO Programs have achieved international recognition for the quality of their content, their professionalism and their unique structure.

Be a part of the programming process: · Suggest a topic- Got a burning topic we should hear about? · Find a venue · Assist the speaker · Handle logistics Contact Program Chair with ways you can help.

Letting others know about CHIFOO is an ongoing effort.

Help us get the word out by · Photographing events · Authoring press releases · Contacting the press · Notifying allied organizations and societies Contact Marketing Director to pitch in.

Keep the momentum going on CHIFOO’s web site.

· Site issue/broken links? · Got a relevant news topic? · Want to offer us imagery, photographs or design ideas? Contact Web Master with your ideas.

Council participation doesn’t take much time and confers lots of advantages:

· Adds value to your resume · Develops your management skills · Improves your professional contacts and visibility · Makes your mark on the community Contact Executive Director with your interest.

Together We Create a Better CHIFOO- become a volunteer today!