Date: June 4, 2003
Mike White — Mike White Consulting

Furniture manufacturers face increasing pressures to provide ergonomically designed products. Workers, especially those faced with repetitive processes, face increasingly stressful physical environments. White, a human factors engineer and ergonomist discusses his work in applying “functional anthropometry” to workplace environments. He will present recent work in the UCSF Ergonomics Program along with rapid prototyping techniques that demonstrate an integration of standards and metrics with user participatory design.

Mike is an independent consultant specializing in ergonomics, workflow improvement and workplace design. He is a board-certified ergonomist and interior designer.

He has twenty-four years of experience solving ergonomic problems and developing innovative solutions for a wide variety of organizational, technical. and environmental challenges in the workplace. He is also a staff consultant for the UCSF Ergonomics Program.

Before starting his consulting practice, Mike was the corporate ergonomist for a top US furniture manufacturer that involved scientific research, product design and development, design of learning tools, and influencing ergonomics public policy. Many of Mike’s projects and work products underscoring ergonomics and worker performance have been published in trade journals and he has won numerous design industry awards for his creative design approach to health, safety, and worker effectiveness.

His work philosophy is infusing “human goodness” in his designs and giving end-users the tools and knowledge to exercise greater control of their work setting to ensure a healthy and productive work experience.

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