Date: October 4, 2006
Anne de Ridder & Tom Herceg, — Tektronix, Inc.

Work practice models are effective and engaging tools for gathering product-independent information from users about their day-to-day challenges and the types of tools and resources they need to do their jobs. This program will combine presentation, case study examples, and hands-on exercises to explain how to: 1) identify and model your users’ routine work practices, 2) understand and document users’ conceptual models, and 3) use these tools to gather customer information to drive product design.

About the speakers
Thomas Herceg is currently the Principle User Experience Design Architect for the Tektronix Video Product Line. Tom has had significant experience in incorporating user-centered design principles into product development processes. Starting way back at PARC where he worked on some of the original GUI interface idioms, through his managerial experiences at Xerox, Tom has focused on design as a means of expressing the voice of the user to build both product and brand equity.

Anne de Ridder is a user experience designer who has applied her technical background and visual design skills to the fields of UXD, information design, and marketing communications. Anne is currently a contractor at Tektronix, where she is helping to develop user-centered, clean-sheet designs for the Video Product Line. Anne has served on the CHIFOO Board as Vice-Chair for the last two years and is helping to define the 2007 program around the business of design, one of her current professional interests.

Presentation Files
Download the slides (383 KB .zip)