Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for managing the long term health of the chapter, managing its finances and maintaining its charter. CHIFOO’s current Board comprises seven officers supported by a few Members at Large.
Edward Stojakovic

Executive Chair

Edward Stojakovic, UX Strategist, Moda
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The chair is the principal officer. The Chair leads the Chapter and manages its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the ACM. The Chair presides at all CHIFOO chapter and Executive Council meetings. With the advice of the Chapter’s Executive Council, the Chair appoints all members of committees of this Chapter and all Committee chairs. The chair also attends the Local SIGs workshop at the annual CHI conference.

Stacy Taylor

Vice Chair

Robert LaCosse, UX Strategist, Milwaukee Tool
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The Vice Chair presides at meetings in the absence of the Chair, assists the Chair in the management of the Chapter, and performs other duties that may be assigned by the Chair, including recruiting sponsors.

Jeff Dinsmore


Jeff Dinsmore
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The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Chapter. Duties of the Treasurer include: managing the finances of the Chapter according to the policies and procedures of the ACM, including collecting dues and paying all bills; keeping full and accurate accounts of receipts and expenditures of the Chapter; completing and submitting the Annual Financial Report to ACM Headquarters; administering the CHIFOO Post Office box; handling memberships and admission fees from monthly meetings and from the Chapter web site; performing other duties as may be assigned by the Chair.

Kate Davenport


Kate Davenport, Metro
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The Chapter Secretary keeps the minutes of all business and Executive Council meetings of the Chapter. Other duties of the Secretary include: maintaining the records of the Chapter, including membership roster and email distribution lists; serving as primary CHIFOO email contact, including responding to inquiries; and performing other duties that may be assigned by the Chair.

Fellene Gaylord

Program Chair

Fellene Gaylord, Web Designer, Sirius Media LLC
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The Program Chair, with the advice of the Executive Council, selects the members of the Program Committee, determines the topic theme for the yearly Chapter >programs; determines and organizes program speakers; introduces speakers at the monthly program meetings. The Program Chair shall also perform other duties that may be assigned by the Chair.

Lise McMillan

Communications Director

Lise McMillan, UX Designer
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The Communications Director supports communications of the Chapter to members and allied associations. Duties of the Communications Director include: publishing the CHIFOO Announcements; overseeing publication of program information on social media and emails; coordinating promotional information with the Webfoo; and performing other duties that may be assigned by the Chair.