CHIFOO Member Benefits and Resources


CHIFOO hosts monthly programs from January through November inviting internationally recognized speakers. With your CHIFOO membership, programs are free. Special programs or programs sponsored by allied organizations usually have discounted rates for CHIFOO members.


CHIFOO hosts several continuing educational workshops throughout the program year. Membership provides substantially discounted fees for these events.

Jobs List

CHIFOO members receive notification of current jobs, both in the region and nationally, focused in the area of user experience, human factors, interaction design and associated disciplines. Members may also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive up-to-the-moment notification of job postings.

Member Offers from CHIFOO Sponsors

Some of CHIFOO’s sponsors provide special discounts, coupons and other incentives to CHIFOO members.

Member Content

With your membership, you are entitled to contribute to the CHIFOO website, sharing with the community your insights, comments and observations. Whether it is a great book you’ve read, a recent experience with a product or service, or your opinions on the monthly presentation, members have the chance to communicate with CHIFOO visitors.

Videos of Past Meetings

When logged into the site as a member you have access to videos of past presentations from CHIFOO meetings. If you miss a meeting or just want to review one that pertains to what you’re doing now, you can enjoy the full presentation from the comfort of your couch.

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