Date: April 7, 2004
Kristina Woolsey, Ph.D —

Emerging visual technologies provide the opportunity to develop pervasive visual languages. Seeing, drawing, diagramming and imagining can be established as basic literacies to be developed in schools and to be used widely in the society. Kristina Woolsey, former director of the Apple Multimedia Lab and current board member of the New Media Center, explores these issues in the context of Brooks Cole’s VizAbility product.

About the speaker
Kristina Woolsey is a board member of and visionary for New Media Center, an organization that brings forward-thinking learning organizations—colleges, universities, and museums—together with innovative high-tech companies to collaborate in a non-competitive environment. She consults with San Francisco’s Exploratorium Center for Informal Learning and Schools program, and the James Irvine Foundation CORAL program, a communitybased learning initiative designed to boost the achievement of children and youth through out-of-school programs. Kristina is a co-author of VizAbility and holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from UC San Diego. She has been Director of Atari Research, Director of the Apple Multimedia Lab, and a member of the faculty at UC Santa Cruz and at the MIT Architecture Machine Group (now the Media Lab).

Presentation Files
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