Skyler Reed

In the world of humans meshed with technology, a lot of weight is put on the push-button and pop up visual aspects of HCI, User Experience, and User Interaction but not on the minute-by-minute emotions and frustrations of the people saddled with those concepts. Where we succeed with the big ‘I’ of Interaction, we often fail at helping people understand what we expect from the little ‘i’ of interacting. Now, a small lighthouse has appeared to guide users through the immediate and often emotional journeys they take through their day—UX Writing. Also known as ‘Microcopy’, UX Writing has emerged as the fine-toothed comb of UX, balancing the serving the immediate ‘lever and pulley’ needs of keeping people going through their daily journey while also giving people important contextual and emotional clues. In this talk, we will walk through how UX Writing & Microcopy can (and will) transform writing within business organizations, trades and arts work, and application design to reduce stress and provide guidance for all people from every walk of life. This talk is all-levels and presumes some knowledge of graphic design, copywriting, and user interface design.