Date: September 11, 2013
Steve Sato — Sato+Partners

Demonstrating the value of design in business is key to positioning design, UX and HCI more strategically in an organization. Yet demonstrating this has been a vexing challenge for designers. Using metrics that matter to leaders as the kernel in a story is key to meeting business leaders halfway in their quest to understand what design, UX and HCI can do for them. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, there is not a clear-cut set of metrics, a “clip of silver bullets”, that works for all situations. What to measure then, is highly situational. Design Thinking is perfect for developing solutions to highly situational challenges.

This presentation will cover the presenter’s examples and experiences in successfully applying Design Thinking to demonstrate the value of design, UX and HCI to business in:

  • Determining what to measure for a situation
  • Measuring what matters to key stakeholders
  • Designing a viable, sustained measurement system
  • Communicating the results with impact to key stakeholders

About the Speaker
Steve Sato is the founder of Sato+Partners, a management consulting and organization development firm by and for design leaders. Steve works with executives, directors and their teams to build experience, design and innovation capability through using existing work to bootstrap. Previously, Steve was at Hewlett-Packard and led its customer-centered strategy and planning consultancy, then later in Corporate Design, led building experience design capability across the company. Steve was formerly at Doblin Group as a design planner and also at Accenture, pioneering customer-centered design for the company in their advanced R&D group.

He has a Masters in Design from the Institute of Design at IIT, Masters of Engineering Management from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois. His clients include Microsoft, Yahoo!, Coca-Cola, Industrial Design Society of America, The Hershey Company and HP. See for further details.

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Using Value to Position Design, UX, and HCI More Strategically In an Organization from CHIFOO Communications on Vimeo.