Date: May 7, 2003
Panel Discussion —

Can concepts in user experience design be usefully applied to technology-mediated learning? We are a panel of educational technology specialists and enthusiasts who will present a multi-faceted exchange on this topic.

Our interest in user experience design is from the perspective of the user as learner. We will explore the concepts of user experience design as a means of designing technology-mediated learning environments that promote deep engagement in learning without the necessity of positing an ideal learner (e.g., one who is highly motivated and has good problem-solving skills).

A panel discussion with moderator Stephen Gance, PhD.

A panel of local educational technology specialists take a page from the film industry to discuss how technology, educational theory, and user experience design can promote deep engagement in learning.

Stephen Gance, PhD, is an Instructional Support Specialist in the Instruction and Research Services department at Portland State University where he administers WebCT, PSU’s course management system.

Katherine O’Meara, RN, PhD, is the Director of the OHSU School of Nursing’s Systems Engineering department. She manages systems for administration, teaching, collaboration, communications, research and nursing practice.

Holly B. Jimison, PhD, is a Medical Informatics Investigator at Kaiser’s Center for Health Research and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medical Informatics at OSHU. Her research is focused on web-based interventions for health management for patients in the home.

Robert Schlick is Director of Faculty Development at the OSHU School of Nursing. In the business sector Robert developed and trained competency-based curricula.

Sukhwant Jhaj, PhD, is an architect and Assistant Professor in University Studies at PSU. He has developed a “3D Input- Output Studio” and a “Virtual Reality Repository.”

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