Date: January 10, 2007
Tom Herceg — Tektronix, Inc.

Over the past decade, business leaders have been bombarded with a myriad of business magazine articles on design, design awards, and consulting firms pitching their approach to design. Likewise, designers and design managers have taken to talking about their work in terms of “B” school concepts—quantifying the value of design, ROI of design, using usability data to position design—instead of “D” school concepts to get business leaders to better appreciate, value and invest in design in their companies.

Why then, despite all the focus over the last decade, are most designers and design managers failing to get business leaders to realize the value of and invest in design? Why do only a small number succeed? If business leaders want innovative design so badly, why aren’t they listening and behaving like they want it?

From this presentation, you will gain insight into the business leaders’ perspective, their challenges, and the potential roadblocks to embracing design. You’ll also learn how, from a designer’s perspective, to recognize these conditions and how to work around them.

About the Speaker
Tom Herceg is currently the Principle User Experience Design Architect for the Tektronix Video Product Line. Tom has had significant experience in incorporating user-centered design principles into product development processes. Starting way back at PARC where he worked on some of the original GUI interface idioms, through his managerial experiences at Xerox, Tom has focused on design as a means of expressing the voice of the user to build both product and brand equity.