Date: July 12, 2006
Panel of regional practitioners —

In July, CHIFOO will host a show-and-tell evening program focused on the tools and techniques HCI practitioners use to collect and analyze customer data. Learn about new or alternative techniques and technologies through a series of 15-minute presentations by regional practitioners showcasing real-world examples of these “tools of the trade” in action. Presentations will include an introduction to the problem, challenge, or situation under investigation; methods/tools considered and applied; and findings or status of the project.

For this event, the definition of “tools” is wide-reaching, including the physical hardware and software tools as well as the process techniques used to capture, catalogue, distill, and present the voice and needs of the user.

Program Schedule

7:00-7:15pm Quantifying Usability

Barbara Karyukin, Sr. Human Factors Engineer
XEROX Office Group, Wilsonville, OR

Ms. Karyukin will discuss the tools and methodologies she and a colleague developed to quantify and qualify the amount and value of their work at Xerox. Learn how her team measures usability, a discipline that has more attributes of a creative art than of a quantifiable methodology.

7:15pm – 7:30pm Turning Customer Needs into Product Designs

Tom Herceg, Principal User Experience Designer
Video Product Line
Tektronix, Inc.

Mr. Herceg will present a comprehensive and proven user interface design process, focusing on the tools used throughout the process and the types of user data collected at each step. He will also show how this information translates directly into the design of an intuitive user experience. During the Q/A section on the evening, attendees will be able to view and discuss particular tools in detail.

7:30pm – 7:45pm Audio and Video Recording: Capturing the voice of the customer

Anne de Ridder, User Experience Designer

Ms. de Ridder will discuss her experiences with selecting audio and video equipment for capturing input from customers and working with collected media footage. The presentation will cover available equipment and its benefits and tradeoffs.

7:45pm – 8:00pm Smart Pix Manager: Organizing Video Snippets

Hari Vepadharmalingam, Interaction Designer
Leo Frishberg, Principal User Experience Designer
Logic Analyzer Product Line
Tektronix, Inc.

Mr. Frishberg and Mr. Vepadharmalingam will present Smart Pix Manager, an inexpensive image and video archiving application they used to catalog over 700 video snippets and still images. The presentation will include a brief overview of their cataloging process, which will introduce the details of the product’s user interface and features, as well as a discussion of how they made use of the selected images in various contexts as part of their design/development process.

8:00pm – 9:00pm Individual Question and Answer Session with Presenters