Date: May 3, 2006
Elizabeth Bacon, Senior Human Factors Engineer, — St. Jude Medical

Elizabeth Bacon introduces the new Interaction Design Association, a non-profit, member-supported international organization dedicated to advancing the profession of interaction design. She explains its early history as a mailing list, growth as a group, and its recent formal incorporation. As a volunteer organizer of IxDA Face-to-Face gatherings on the west coast and a member-at-large of CHIFOO, Liz will also encourage discussion about how this new organization can successfully build interaction design communities around the world, and especially offer value to practitioners here in the Northwest.

About the speaker
Elizabeth Bacon, M.A., received a “post-grad” education in Interaction Design at Cooper, where she spent three years designing interactive systems and helping refine methodology and practice. Today, she works at St. Jude Medical, designing solutions for implantable medical devices. Involved in the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) since its inception, she is passionate about obtaining professional recognition for the field and helping build its community of practice.