Nathan Shedroff, Seed Vault Ltd

The Coming Extinction Level Event for Brands & Companies (and What UX Can Do About It)

As outlandish as it sounds, ten global companies are quickly positioning themselves to own nearly every customer relationship—and capture most of the value from these. After 20 years of the Web disintermediating “middle men,” Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, Google, Baidu, etc. are now implementing conversational interface platforms that will reintermediate everything and everyone. This spells economic disaster for anyone without the financial or technical resources to build their own conversational interfaces to services of all types. UX developers of all kinds bridge the distance between our clients/companies and our customers and we can have as big an impact on strategy as anyone else in the company. In fact, we may be the only ones in a position to save our companies and clients from their impending doom.

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