Date: April 17, 2002
Cliff Schinkel — MediaMania

Interactive “presence” involves both gathering sensory input and delivering your influence upon it. Cliff describes the Internet’s Level 2 potential.

As companies build bandwidth and processing power with huge capacities, the nature of streaming media will evolve with it. The capture and display devices at the ends of the pipeline will evolve too. Human interaction will become more immersive with media itself to the point that we may soon have the ability to “Virtually Be” somewhere else and experience Telepresence—an interactive “presence” of sensory inputs and direct influences.

When we can access remote scenes online, the Internet will become integrated with the world we see. The Level 2 Internet will allow people of all ages and abilities to participate directly through their immediate visual and auditory environment.


Cliff Schinkel Media Mania

Cliff learned the tools of his father’s trade at an early age, and throughout school, he excelled at artistic endeavors. Cliff decided to focus on architecture, and won scholarships for his design skill. After two years of architectural study at Arizona State University, Cliff again returned to Art as a career, finishing his studies at Northern Arizona University in 1984.

In 1990, Cliff moved with his wife and two children to Portland, Oregon, predicting the region would be hot for multimedia talent. He worked as Art Director of Cre ative Media Development, and later for Northwest Videoworks. In short order, Cliff earned a reputation as a dedicated and talented multimedia designer. In 1994, Cliff started MediaMania, Inc., a company committed to excellence in digital media communications design.

Cliff’s experience ranges from the development of sophisticated simulation engines for games, to the design of elaborate educational exhibits in the Smithsonian Institution. He has directed the production of large websites for DuPont, the military, and some search engines. In recent years, Cliff co-founded a company that built a proprietary automotive visual accessorizing kiosk system, later acquired by Ford Motor Company as a permanent fixture in all dealerships. Cliff also teaches multimedia design at both the University of Oregon and Portland State University.

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