Date: August 20, 2002
Lynn Boyden — UCLA

IA and Library Information Science complement and reinforce each other. Lynn describes the major streams that inform both fields and prospects for the future.

Since the dotcom bubble burst, the practice of teaching Information Architecture in the context of a graduate program in librarianship has changed. In 2000, students were eyeing fat salaries and multiple job offers; in 2002 the hot jobs are once again in libraries and archives.

Lynn will discuss the course she teaches with Chris Chandler at UCLA, placing it in context, discussing learning goals, teaching methods, and outcomes, and how these have changed over three summers.

Lynn Boyden has taught Information Architecture in the graduate program in Information Studies at UCLA for three years. She holds the MLIS with a specialization in Information Systems and the Organization of Information from UCLA, and is currently bringing up a new masters degree program in Moving Image Archive Studies in the School of Theater, Film, and Television at UCLA. She served as director of the Information Architecture division of the Los Angeles Rare Medium office, and has lectured far and wide on the perils of ignoring usability when designing user interfaces.

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