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Designer Myopia

Vector Image of Rian Van Der MerweDesigner Myopia
October 5, 2016
Rian Van Der Merwe, Wildbit

The all-too-common phenomenon whereby, despite our best intentions, we sometimes design with a nearsightedness that results in websites and applications that please ourselves and impress our peers but don’t meet user and business goals.

About the Speaker

Rian Van Der Merwe (@RianVDM) is designs and builds high quality software that people love to use, and he wrote a book about it called “Making It Right“.

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Let’s Pretend

September 14, 2016
Carolyn Chandler, Mira Fitness
Anna van Slee, Sideshow Collectibles

To uncover the most common problems, designers must empathize with their users and come to know the spaces and times in which they move. In this interactive presentation, UX guru Carolyn and game designer Anna take personas and other empathy exercises to the next level.

About the Speakers

Vector Image of Carolyn ChandlerCarolyn Chandler, Mira Fitness
Carolyn has been working in the field of User Experience Design for over 16 years, and was named one of “Chicago’s Tech 50” by Crain’s Magazine. Now she leads the Experience Design efforts at Mira Fitness, which offers a wellness-focused wearable designed for women.




Vector Image of Anna van SleeAnna van Slee, Sideshow Collectibles
Anna is Director of New Brands at Sideshow Collectibles, a production manager who is hands-on with production, particularly in writing/editing, visual design, UX/CX design, brand strategy and content creation.

Together, Anna and Carolyn, coauthored Adventures in Experience Design which teaches experience design to beginners with games and activities.


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CHIFOO Annual Bowling Party

Vector Image of Bowling Pin and Ball for CHIFOO 2016 Annual Bowling PartyANNUAL BOWLING PARTY
August 3, 2016

Come join us for the annual CHI-Bowl to enjoy some indoor sports. Dig out your bowling shirt and bowl a few games, or just hang out and socialize with your friends and colleagues. Families are welcome, too!


CHIFOO members get in free. Non-members or guests get the full bowling package for just $10, and bring the kids—your entire family can bowl for $20! It’s a heck of a deal.

Don’t forget your lucky bowling ball!

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Designing for Happiness

Vector Image of Pamela PavlisackDESIGNING FOR HAPPINESS
July 13, 2016
Pamela Pavliscak, Change Sciences?

What does it mean to design for happiness? Based on a combination of design research and data science, this session will explore what makes people happiest when they use technology and what we can learn from that to design for positive outcomes.

About the Speaker

Pamela Pavliscak founded Change Sciences. She has a book about designing for happiness coming out in the next year and is a frequent speaker at conferences like SXSW, Collision, Future of Web Design, and Webvisions.

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