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2010: Interaction Leadership: Expand Your Sphere of Influence

There have been many successes worth celebrating in the field of human-computer interaction since CHIFOO was founded twenty years ago. Usability and design professionals have worked hard to integrate user-centered design methods into their respective organizations, improving awareness of what it takes to create positive user experiences. But there’s always more work to be done. […]

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Design Thinking for a Better World – Dwayne King

Design thinking makes information and products better.  But why stop there?  Often, we address only the symptoms of society’s big problems.  Design thinking helps us see why problems happen, so we can create lasting solutions.  This talk will wake you up, inspire action, and give you blueprints for saving the world. As leaders and thinkers […]

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Pulling Off the Mask – Bill DeRouchey

The trap is so easy to fall into:  as we rise in leadership, we believe we have to play a role, stand apart, not show fear, adopt a formal tone.  But the essence of formality is separation, a mid-career game that just creates stress.  The young know it’s a game.  The old put the game […]

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Designing into the Path of Disruptive Technology – Eric Gould Bear

It is a modern axiom that disruptive technology sweeps through every market.  These are the so-called “paradigm-shifting” technologies that obsolete the existing offerings, markets, and technologies sustaining them.  Designers are often forced to choose between solutions that are right for today and those that pave the way for tomorrow.  What happens when designers get ahead […]

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