Vector Image of Brandon "Rym" DecosterSeptember 2, 2015
Rym Decoster, Fix Flyer, Geeknights, Date Nighto

Popular speaker and authority on most things geek, Rym DeCoster brings a unique perspective to game theory and design. He works with a team that has developed a platform for translation of story-driven games to a browser-based experience. Through his geek-focused radio talk show, events and lecturing, Rym has a pulse on emerging tech-based trends. He’s had exposure to as well as direct hand in a variety of projects that leverage game-inspired techniques in a computer interface, and will delight us with his stories about how he’s observed the unique interaction of gaming and HCI is maturing.

About the Speaker

Brandon “Rym” DeCoster graduated with honors from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His entire professional career has been spent in high-pressure enterprise technology environments, from the fab at IBM to ORs at Montefiore Medical Center, wrangling algorithmic trades and feed handlers at Pipeline Financial. Since 2011, Rym has served as VP Production Management for FIX Flyer, a NYC-based company that develops advanced technology for managing complex, multi-asset, institutional securities trading using scalable internet networks and technologies. As producer of GeekNights since 2005, Rym has aired regular late-night talk radio for geeks, in addition to hosting live shows, panels and lectures. In April, 2014, Rym became Executive Producer of Date Nighto, a start-up that created htmlVN – a visual novel engine that enables story-driven games to be played in a web browser. Based in New York City, Rym DeCoster travels widely to consult and lecture – especially about Game Theory and Game Design.

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