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Using UX For Good: Building A Better World2020 CHIFOO Speaker Series

Using UX For Good

Building A Better World

The world’s a mess. The number of problems we face and the technology involved, grows exponentially from year to year. Yet our job is to make it all work.From a UX design perspective, addressing these issues can seem like a game of “Whack a Mole,” where new issues pop up as soon as one is solved. It doesn’t have to be that way. What if we tried a proactive approach to encourage the right choices? We could build the pathways that allow other positive actions to take place. Through this strategy we create foundations for future growth that will have a positive effect on not just the tech systems we use but the world around us.

This year’s series,“Using UX for Good: Building a Better World”, will explore practical ways we can do this through the voices of visionary thinkers and designers who have already planted the seeds for growth. These innovative approaches to change can inspire us to take action while we expand the potential of our daily work. With this Speaker Series we celebrate the change-makers among us and look to them for inspiration as we solve the problems we face and create pathways that will expand, rather than contract, our future.

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2020 Speakers and Events

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