Date: November 7, 2007
Bill DeRouchey and Tom Lakovic — ZIBA Design

We create portfolios to build trust. Prospective clients and potential employers need to feel confident that we can meet their needs. So we create portfolios to show what we have already done in order to communicate what we can do. The problem is we’re only showing the end of the story.  Clients and employers need to know how we think and work. The end products we show are great, but how were they made? What activities did we do? What decisions did we make and how did we make them? Our portfolios need to show the entire creative process, from the brilliant napkin sketches to the design variations to the final result.

Bill and Tom will show some examples of how the interaction design group at Ziba shows its process as part of its portfolio. Come learn strategies for how you can document your process as you work to eventually show prospective clients and employers how you work and think.

About the Speakers
Bill DeRouchey is a Senior Interaction Designer at Ziba Design, shaping how people interact with devices, websites, and spaces. His goal is to create natural interactions between people and technology. He also blogs about the history of technology in our culture at

Tom Lakovic is Ziba’s Director of Interaction Design. He has a background in Cognitive Science, Computer Science, and Graphic Design, and he brings a multidisciplinary approach to leading the Interaction Design team at Ziba to create innovative and emotionally compelling interactions between people and their products, software, and environments.