Date: September 5, 2007
Panel Discussion —

How do you convince a client that a comprehensive usability study is the best approach to diagnosing their product’s problems? How can you approach your customer about optimizing processes in the face of long-standing political opposition? Whether you define your client as someone within or outside your organization, you likely run into challenges such as these in your day-to-day work. Panel members working in agencies and internal organizations will discuss best practices for selling ideas, solutions, and services to clients in various settings.

Our panelists are three industry veterans with long track records of successfully selling ideas and managing the impacts of the changes these ideas bring about.

Justin Garrity is the creative director at Portland interactive agency Pop Art.

Nicholas Rexing is involved in overseeing widespread change management initiatives at Tektronix.

John Sherry conducts ethnographic research for Intel and serves as an advocate for user-centered design methodologies throughout the organization.