Date: March 14, 2012
Jeff Bryner — Portland General Electric is a great resource for security visualizations, but most suffer from a lack of interactivity. Completing kinectasploit for DEFCON19 made me realize the utility of game engines for interacting with security tools and security information. Jeff will start with a recap/encore performance of kinectasploit (, which uses gestures to drive a first-person shooter 3D game environment to break into computers on victim virtual machines. Then using the same technology, Jeff will walk through a couple scenes using standard corporate security data in a 3D, kinect-driven environment made possible by the blender game engine.

Kinect and gestures are two of the most prevalent game-changing technologies to affect user interfaces since the keyboard and mouse. Applying these tools to real-world data is challenging, fraught with pitfalls, and a heck of a lot of fun! Let’s discover the boundaries of current technology by pushing it until it fails!

About the Speaker
Jeff Bryner is an IT Security Architect at Portland General Electric by day. By night, he is a security dweeb, operator of, and creator of kinectasploit. p0wnlabs is a place to hack, experiment, and learn by doing. p0wnlabs was developed by folks who enjoy hacking in the learning sense, not the criminal sense. p0wnlabs was created in the spirit of helping people learn to defend systems by learning how systems are broken into. Once you know how to break in, you are a much better defender.

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Security *IS* a Game: Using the Blender Game Engine for Security from CHIFOO Communications on Vimeo.