Resilience & Remote Working
Kate Pincott, June 2, 2021

The shift in working habits under a new global remote paradigm comes with pros and cons. Communication norms are evolving and requires resilience. One key challenge I have found in a remote context is transparency, ‘What is my team up to?’, ‘Does anyone have any spare capacity to help me?’ Visualising the available number of hours in a week to have solo focus time amidst the constant video calling helped me to get realistic about how much work can actually be achieved by the team, relieve pressure around anxieties of not being perceived as working hard enough, and manage stakeholder expectations on the pace of work.

About the Speaker

Kate PincottKate is a Remote Design Coach helping to unblock creatives through connecting to their inner wisdom and throwing in there some design operations strategy too! Kate has spent 11 years in the design and tech industry from small start ups to agencies like Ustwo and global corporates such as Facebook.

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