Date: October 3, 2007
Jon Innes, Augmentum; Liam Friedland, Informatica —

It is ironic that the UX profession often fails miserably when it comes to describing the value of our deliverables to business leaders. Are we not supposed to be experts in thinking about the end user? This talk will explore a three-level framework for thinking about UX, with the goal of helping practitioners define a strategy appropriate for their business context so they can achieve greater impact. This framework is based on the presenters’ combined 30 years’ of experience working with a diverse set of businesses leaders as both in-house practitioners and consultants for leading high-technology companies and startups.

About the Speakers
Jon Innes is Director of User Experience at Augmentum, a software development consultancy. Jon has over a decade of experience, including leadership positions where he has defined and improved user experience processes at some of the world’s largest technology companies. He has designed and evaluated user interfaces for Intuit, SAP, Siebel, Cisco, Oracle, Symantec, and IBM. Jon holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Psychology and is a member of UPA, HFES, and ACM CHI/BayCHI.

Liam Friedland is the Director of User Experience at Informatica, a leading provider of data integration software and services. Prior to Informatica, he founded and ran UXstudio, a User Experience Design consultancy. Liam has been designing software products for over 16 years, and has led a wide range of first-generation design programs at some of the world’s top software companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Borland, SAP, and Siebel Systems. He has degrees in Industrial Design.

Liam will unfortunately not be able to participate in this evening’s program, but has worked closely with Jon over the past five years to develop the content that will be presented.