Remote Meetings That Get Us Back to Work
Kevin Hoffman, April 7, 2021

Companies around the world are adapting to business as usual in a distributed culture. For better or worse, that adaptation seems to have carried with it an increase in meetings. Having good remote meetings carries all of the challenges of in-person meetings plus additional layers of technology issues, distractions, and the inherent reduction in good communication that comes with eliminating things like body language and subtle variations in tone that don’t translate to video calls. They have to be good, because there isn’t enough time for them to be bad.

But the good news is that the things that make meetings work well apply to both remote and in-person collaboration. Things like agenda design principles, facilitation and feedback loops, documentation of decisions and action items, and human-centered attendance policies lay a solid foundation for good collaboration and efficient use of time. In this talk, Kevin will pull extensively from his book Meeting Design and his experience teaching these skills and tackling these problems in conference workshops with companies around the world to show you how to make the most of all your meetings.

About The Speaker

Kevn HoffmanKevin Hoffman, Twitter, Linked In

  • Currently serving a four year term of service as part of the United States Digital Service, where he is the head of design operations for the and the lead of the Veteran account experience for, which helps millions of Veterans of the US Armed Forces get the benefits they’ve earned every day
  • a former Vice President of Design at Capital One
  • the Author of the Rosenfeld Media book “Meeting Design for Makers, Managers and Everyone”
  • teaching workshops and speaking regularly about improving meetings at work

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