Recognize Exclusion, Design for Inclusion
Bryce Johnson & John Porter, March 3, 2021

What unnecessary barriers do we all inadvertently create when we craft experiences, and who do we unintentionally exclude? These questions are core to inclusive design and served as the jumping off point for the Xbox Adaptive Controller when realizing that traditional controllers were excluding many people with motor impairments. John and Bryce will talk you through how Microsoft’s Inclusive Design principles were used to help shape the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and how you can leverage them in your own work to avoid disabling mismatches and create more empowering and inclusive experiences.

About the Speakers

Bryce Johnson and John PorterJohn Porter, Microsoft
John Porter is a Senior Designer at Microsoft, a PhD candidate at the University of Washington in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering, and an MIT Technology Review 35 Under 35 recipient. Professionally, his work on the Modern Input & Accessibility Design team involves crafting new ways to interact with Windows which are more flexible and inclusive of individual needs and preferences. His academic work tends to the intersection of HCI, inclusive design, and experiential equity within video games.

Bryce Johnson, Microsoft
Bryce is the Sr User Researcher for Microsoft Devices where he is devoted to ensuring Microsoft products are accessible. Bryce initiated and designed the first Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft, which has now hosted over seven thousand visitors; it is a facility where people can explore how people with disabilities interact with Microsoft games, services, and devices. Bryce is one of the inventors of the Xbox Adaptive Controller ever since he was a lead on its project at the 2016 Microsoft One Week Hackathon.

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