Date: February 6, 2013
Paul Brody — IBM

Thanks to mobile device and social networks, enterprise computing stands at the start of the biggest revolution in computing since the transition to client-server. Tablets and smartphones are not laptops with small screens and no keyboards, yet that is how enterprise IT executives persist in treating them. In fact, to fully grasp the potential of these devices, enterprises will need to re-image every business process and user experience in the enterprise. This will be expensive, but when done correctly, the ROI will indeed kick-ass. This talk will address some of the challenges facing companies in thinking about the social, mobile web and how to approach user experience and business process design to achieve kick-ass ROI.

About the Speaker
Since 2002, Paul Brody (@pbrody) has served as a Partner with IBM Global Business Services and Global Lead, Electronics Industry Strategy Practice, and has led engagements with leading electronics companies in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Brody has worked extensively with business strategy, supply chain management and product life cycle management, including planning and scheduling, logistics, and procurement solutions.

?Prior to IBM, he held senior supply chain executive positions at ClearCross and i2 Technologies. He has also been a consultant with McKinsey & Co., primarily in the high-tech electronics sector in the United States and across the Asia Pacific region. Brody began his career at Mobile Telecommunications Services Ltd., where he developed marketing programs for one of Africa’s first mobile cellular systems, turning the company into a national brand name. He holds a B.A. in Economics, and a Certificate in African Studies, from Princeton University.

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