Date: October 6, 2010
Bill DeRouchey — Ziba Design

Bill DeRoucheyThe trap is so easy to fall into:  as we rise in leadership, we believe we have to play a role, stand apart, not show fear, adopt a formal tone.  But the essence of formality is separation, a mid-career game that just creates stress.  The young know it’s a game.  The old put the game behind them.  So how can you avoid it?

Bill will explore successes and failures in how informality can create real connection, whether it’s with employees, with products, with customers, or simply with each other—because leading means pulling people toward you, not pushing them away.

About Bill DeRouchey
As a writer, information architect, and now senior interaction designer with Ziba Design in Portland, Bill has been simplifying how people interact with products, websites, and spaces for over fifteen years. Bill also writes about interaction design and user experience on his blog, History of the Button, where he addresses such esoteric questions as:  What was the first button?  Who invented the pause icon?  And why does “pushbutton” translate to “easy”?  From these explorations, Bill seeks to chronicle the evolution of how people and technology interact in anticipation of the design challenges of the content-dense, touch-surface future.