Leo Frishberg, Phase II

As designers and researchers we are passionate about discovering the real needs of our constituents and more importantly, bringing solutions that matter to their lives. But all too often we are offered a statement of the problem that is clearly not aligned with our stakeholders’ true needs.

In this workshop, Frishberg offers a design-thinking-based framework for embracing this irrational state of affairs. Rather than eliminating or decrying it, Frishberg lays out how Presumptive Design both welcomes and leverages our irrationality.

Borrowing heavily from Lewis Carrol’s Alice Through the Looking-Glass, the workshop relies on design exercises and user-driven critique to reveal comical and all too familiar design/research situations.

January 29th, 2016, 10:00 AM

Connective DX
2030 NW Pettygrove St,
Portland, OR 97209

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Price includes lunch and complimentary copy of Presumptive Design-Design Provocations for Innovation by Leo Frishberg and Charles Lambdin


About the Speaker

For over 40 years, Leo has been working with computing technologies, starting by assembling his first computer in 1967 and continuing as an Algol 80 and Basic programmer before the onset of microprocessors.

Throughout his career as general partner of Phase II, an architectural consultancy, and with Cliffside Software, Inc., a Portland software development firm, Leo has maintained a strong experience-centered design philosophy.

In 2004, Leo began to formalize his approach to design research, a process he calls Presumptive Design. From 2012 to 2015, Leo was with Intel Corporation as Product Design Manager in IT. In the years prior, Leo was a Principal Architect, User Experience at Tektronix, Inc. Leo holds a B.A. in Environmental Planning from UCSC and an M.Arch from SCI-ARC. In 1984, Leo began his career as a User Experience Architect (before he knew that’s what it was called).