Date: January 15, 2002
Christina Wodtke, Carbon IQ; George Olsen, Interaction By Design —

Should an IA run the show?

George Olsen and Christina Wodtke, two of the emerging IA community?s noisiest voices, debate the place of the IA in a company’s organization. Is the formal role of an Information Architect even needed? Should there be a Chief Information Architect? What does the IA do exactly and why is this important to customer retention and brand perception?

A passionate proponent of humane information architecture, Christina Wodtke joined Carbon IQ, in a partner capacity in December, 2000. Her project list includes work for,, PC World,, McDougal Littell, Shockwave and Atomfilms. She maintains, devoted to information architecture, where she writes Gleanings, a news-letter of user-experience issues. She recently spoke at several conferences on user-centered practices and information architecture, including Web Design World and Seybold.

George Olsen, Principal of Interaction by Design, has done award-winning user experience design and information architecture for start-ups; Hollywood studios, such as Disney; and Fortune 500 clients like Nestle and Transamerica. He was 1998 runner-up for’s Web Innovator of the Year award for co-founding The Web Standards Project. He publishes Thumbnails within his web site, where he discusses user experience design issues, and writes for a variety of magazines, including Web Techniques. George has appeared at Seybold, LIVE! and Web Design World.

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