Vector Image of Kent NicholsFebruary 4, 2015
Playing Is The Thing, Interactive Fiction, Gaming, and Improvisation
Kent Nichols, Beatbox Giant LLC

Kent Nichols holds a unique perspective of having been on both sides of the table as an online video talent and executive, and in understanding the needs and mindsets of all involved. He’s fostered the adoption of developers to new delivery platforms as well as leading their audiences to them. In the work he’s produced and consulted on, he has seen firsthand and experimented with new approaches to the design of computer-human interaction for engaging viewers and users of intellectual properties. Kent will share his observations and impressions of the subtle influx of game-inspired influences on HCI for engaging audiences for a variety of online video experiences.

About the Speaker

Kent Nichols is an online video executive and consultant focused on bringing talented creators of online video content together with brands. His expertise is sought for growing organic audiences for short form and long form video, and in creating strategies for brands to credibly access social video platforms such as YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat. Kent has strong experience in moving audiences between platforms, story development, creating production budgets, and assembling teams that deliver. Since 2005, Ken helped pioneer advertising in online video properties. He is Co-Creator/Writer/Director/Producer of Beatbox Giant LLC and its product Kent has worked in start-up environments, as a consultant for indie creators and brands, and on several boards for tech focused non-profits.

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