Panel Discussion: Ethics in AR & VR
September 5, 2018

Panel Discussion: Ethics in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Ben Strackany, DevelopmentNow
Corey Pressman, Fiction
Seth Chaffee, Giant Astronaut
Josh Hansen, PixelPool

An educational panel covering ethics in development, design, application, business use, and usability of mixed reality (augmented and virtual reality) technology. Walk away with valuable insight from leaders in the emerging tech space, and learn how to apply this new technology in productive and functional ways for your business.

About the Panelists

Ben Strackany's(@bstrackany) biography will be published shortly.

Corey Pressman (@cspressman) is a strategist, anthropologist and futurist with over 20 years’ experience providing clarity and direction to clients and partners of all kinds. As VP of Adaptive Strategies at Fiction, he generates, manages and works on projects with large corporations, universities and startups to help them envision and enact human-centered communication and innovation. He has now developed a program on how to move forward with Ethics within the Human Centered Communication realm.

Seth Chaffee's biography will be published shortly.

Josh Hansen's (@joshhansen) biography will be published shortly.

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