Empathy, Design and the Future of AI

Connective DX 2030 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR

Crystal Rutland, September 2019
Ms. Rutland will speak on the power of empathy in the process of innovation as well as what we can learn from history about how to profoundly alter the way we approach AI as a design industry.

Humans FTW

Connective DX 2030 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR

Rebecca Priebe, October 2019
Using empathetic design approaches we can create a world of intelligent environments that give us human-centric, adaptable information and control – making each and every individual’s life more enjoyable and productive no matter what we choose to do with our time – work, play, live.

AI meets PC: Building the Next Wave of Personal Computing

Connective DX 2030 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR

Melissa Gregg, November 2019
The PC industry is poised between legacy and emergent business opportunities: the established market for desktops and laptops and the new computing experiences enabled by connected, sensor-based voice and vision technologies.

Calm Technology: Designing for the Next Generation of Devices

Mozilla Portland Offices 1120 NW Couch St #320, Portland, OR

Amber Case, February 2020
How can you design technology that becomes a part of a user’s life and not a distraction from it? You’ll learn how to design products that work well, launch well, are easy to support, easy to use, and remain unobtrusive.

Democracy is a Design Problem

Connective DX 2030 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR

Dana Chisnell, March 2020
Design directly affects every person in the nation. Join Dana as she explores the design of our democracy and how to make better design decisions that do not have as many unintended consequences for our democracy.

The Coming Extinction Level Event for Brands & Companies

Your Own Home via Zoom OR

Nathan Shedroff, July 2020
UX developers of all kinds bridge the distance between our clients/companies and our customers and we can have as big an impact on strategy as anyone else in the company.

August Social Zoom Trivia Night

Your Own Home via Zoom OR

UX focused Trivia contests via the Kahoot app, led by our Vicefoo and resident Game Master, Robert LaCosse!