Date: April 20, 1998
Beverly Arnoldy — Usability Consultant

You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie. Now, experience it for yourself. Join us as we demonstrate a real usability test! Under the guidance of Beverly Arnoldy, usability consultant, you’ll learn how to prepare for a test, execute the test, and analyze the data.


  • Decide what to test.

  • Pick usability subjects who will give you the best data.

  • Develop the necessary materials used for the tests.


    Bev will show you a usability test in action. Watch the hapless user struggle. See Bev deftly handle the obnoxious developer trying to tell the user what to do. Bev tells you how to handle these common situations and shares her list of don’ts for usability testing.

    Analyze and Present

    Tapes, notes, and hunches. What do you do with all that stuff? Bev will show you how to do some quick analysis of the data you collect during the usability test. She’ll also give you some tips on how to present the data to your engineering team in a format they can understand.