Now That’s Risky Business
Nov 8, 2017

Now That's Risky Business - Selling UX to the Security Techies
Andrew Sweany, Tripwire

Software for tech savvy system admins and security analysts doesn't need to be easy to use, right?  Wrong.  Providing good software to the folks keeping our data safe is much more important than one click shoe shopping.

I've often framed the importance of good UX in terms of 'risk reduction' as this is the language of business, so I could put together a talk around 'What's in it for me: describing the value of UX to different stakeholders' under the 'Talking Politics' category. Oddly enough, I just started working for a company that sells security software (Tripwire), so I could put something together that combines the above with a security slant, and tie it in with some of my prior 'enterprise software doesn't need to suck' work (as this is the type of software we sell).

About the Speaker

Andrew Sweany, TripwireAndrew (@andrewsweany) began as a Human Factors Engineer at Intel in 2000 and since that time has completed countless user research activities on a huge range of products (software, hardware, web/desk, tablet, & mobile) across the entire life cycle (from emerging concepts to well established enterprise and consumer products). Along the way he has formulated and deployed strategies to improve the influence and business value of UX professionals. He has successfully introduced UX research and design strategies to dozens of organizations.


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