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Portland Creative Conference
Sept 28, 2018

Join other Creative Industries professionals for a day of exploring and celebrating the creative process, inspiration, and imagination at the ...
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O’Reilly Design Con | March 19-22 | San Francisco, CA

The O’Reilly Design Conference, happening March 19-22, arms designers with the skills, connections, and inspiration to create the products and ...
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Product Strategy for Designers | October 20-21

Learn to bridge business strategy and design to create products people love. This workshop provides an in-depth, hands-on exploration of ...
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Free Ebooks from OReilly

Expertise in UX design, design for the IoT, data-informed design, and more Enhance your design skills with these free reports ...
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PDX Design Research Group | Sept 21

At this upcoming PDX Design Research Group meeting, Zara Logue will talk about her experiences doing independent research on wearables, ...
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