Date: February 3, 2010
James Keller — Small Society

James KellerThe release of the iPhone 3G and, with it, Apple’s launch of the App Store marked 2008 as the year that mobile computing changed forever.  We are witnessing the birth of a new class of technology:  pocket-sized devices with always-on broadband that understand who you are and where you are.  With a technological and cultural revolution unfolding before our eyes, how do interaction designers and agencies deal with such a quickly shifting landscape?  What does leadership mean when there is a perceived lack of solid research, UI best practices, and industry mentors at your fingertips?  James will bring some clarity to this area, reflecting on her experiences designing successful interactions for a variety of devices.

About James Keller
James Keller is a digital communications strategist and user experience evangelist at Small Society, a small agency based in Portland with a passion for the iPhone™ platform, dedicated to helping organizations bring great ideas to life.  Before joining the Small Society team, James was at Wieden+Kennedy helping the Portland office align client business goals and brand experiences with emerging technologies.  Leveraging her extensive knowledge of interaction design, business analysis, campaign analytics, and integrated marketing communications, she has led multiple teams in creating efficient and effective online strategies for top brands such as Coca-Cola, NIKE, Procter & Gamble, Levi’s, LAIKA Studio, Zipcar, and the MTV Networks.  She can frequently be seen at conferences speaking on topics such as information architecture, social media, and convergent culture.

It was a great meeting with lots of energy. James described what it was like to be an Apple ap developer on the day the iPad was announced. People were curious to hear James tell us about the new Apple products. Nancy Wirsig McClure confers with John Smith as he prepares to take notes of the program. 

Download John’s notes from the session.