Date: September 7, 2005
Lisa Mason, — Microsoft

Consumers don’t want to be tied to the room where their PC lives. Windows Media Center Extender technologies provide access to video, photos and music on from any room in the home. Human Factors manager Lisa Mason describes the special challenges and usability testing adaptations needed to create a smooth and easy consumer experience.

About the speaker
Lisa D. Mason is the User Research Manager for the Windows eHome PC Experience Group at Microsoft Corporation. Her work focuses on creating best-of-breed user experiences for remote controls, keyboards, PC form factors, wireless networks, home media ecosystems, and Media Center Extender Technologies. An employee of Microsoft for nine years, Mason’s work has covered webbased application design, as well as the small business, enterprise, and international arenas. Mason is also active in industry-wide initiatives such as the Ease of Use Round Table and Digital Living Network Alliance. Mason has a M.S. in Physics from the University of Minnesota.

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