Date: September 2, 2009
Gretchen Anderson — Lunar Design

When designing products with both form and function aspects to them, a team of people with varied talents is required. Industrial designers and interaction designers must come together to create something that is holistic and cohesive. But our education, focus, and areas of expertise can be very different. This presentation will focus on how the “war room” or actual physical space that the team inhabits can help the success of the design and foster great team relationships. In this shared space is where designers can give their ideas shape, and explore solutions together.

About the Speaker
Gretchen Anderson is the Director of Interaction Design at Lunar Design in San Francisco. Her experience working in firms that do both industrial and interaction design has taught her that getting ideas through the concept phase is a difficult yet crucial stage to successful product design. Gretchen was educated at Harvard and has worked in the design industry for 13 years creating unique products and experiences—from medical products and consumer electronics, to enterprise software applications and consumer websites. Her clients include Starbucks, Virgin Records, HP, Microsoft, Intel, SanDisk, and Johnson & Johnson.