Erik Goodfriend, Humanity Innovation Labs

“We’ve got a great idea, now we need a team to make it happen.” The journey from product ideation to launch is full of challenges. Meeting those challenges requires an innovation team structured for success; able to combine the right resources, tools and insight with product strategy, design thinking, and business model design. Who are these supermen and women? What skills and talents must they have? What role should leadership play? Can the team exist within an existing organization and still do amazing work? Learn the recipe for a successful innovation team, the ingredients each member needs to bring, and how teams “built to learn” have a greater chance of success.

About the Speaker

Erik Goodfriend, Humanity Innovation Labs CoErik Goodfriend (@egoodfriend) combines product strategy, design thinking, and business model innovation to help organization’s realize their strategic goals. He leads business and commercialization strategy at Humanity Innovation Labs, developing scalable wearable systems that shift the healthcare paradigm from provider driven to consumer directed. Erik also works as a product development manager at Providence Health Plan, developing insurance products that incentivize positive health decisions by consumers and cost effective care delivery by providers.

Previously, he was Product Manager at ZOOM+ where he launched two unique, market disrupting primary care businesses, developed using consumer experience design tools. He is an alumnus of the OHSU Healthcare MBA program.

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