CHIFOO Jobs has become…

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been following what has become a list of of 438 companies, schools, governments, and organizations that have some kind of operation in or connection with Oregon or SW Washington.

The effort required to find jobs for you has become overwhelmed by the entropy of the constant change these companies generate upgrading their sites, changing HR vendors (e.g., ADT, Workday, Greenhouse, UltiPro, etc.), otherwise tinkering with their page structures, and changing their names, merging or closing altogether. That, and sorting through the huge expansion of Remote listings, has put the work far beyond a volunteer operation.

… redundant

It turns out that only 10 (2.3%) of those 400+ sources do not have a presence on

Therefore, as of March 26, 2020, CHIFOO Jobs will cease operations. Filled or deleted job posting will be removed from the current list over the following couple of weeks, but then listings will then be left to rust.

Additional job search resources may become available at a later time, however. For example…

LinkedIn provides far better ways of finding open positions in locations relevant to you. It’s free. And it’s maintained by legions of people. We recommend it to anyone not already a regular visitor.

Some companies keep their job postings up to date on both their own web sites’ careers pages as well as on their LinkedIn and other social media outlets.¬†Others tend to groom one or the other. And their attentions change over time. So if you’re interested in particular companies, it’s worthwhile to visit the careers page on those companies’ web sites.


David Stubbs
Clerk (ret), CHIFOO Jobs.

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