Date: May 6, 1997
Erik Anderson — Hewlett-Packard

Intellectual Property can be thought of as a person or company’s intangible property rights. Erik Anderson, Intellectual Property attorney, will present the basic concepts of this evolving field for hardware/software developers, designers, and usability professionals. He will talk about the state of the laws today and how they apply to design. He will also discuss what comes under intellectual property laws, copyright laws, and design patent protections.

Erik will provide information that will help the CHIFOO membership recognize when product designs are swerving into the danger zone. He will NOT be able to give specific advice about real or hypothetical situations. However, the talk will provide a basic understanding of the issues involved in the IP laws so we can intelligently assess the risk involved in design decisions.

Erik has been practicing Intellectual Property law for five years and is currently with Hewlett-Packard in Vancouver.


Tom Cocklin of Hewlett-Packard will conduct a short tour of the human factors laboratory following Mr. Anderson’s talk.