Date: March 3, 2010
Jessica Coffey — Teneo Research

Jessica CoffeyWhether they sponsor research or conduct it themselves, people want simple, repeatable steps that produce consistent, predictable outcomes.  When it comes to the qualitative research that is key to your design and development process, is your approach good or great?  Does it even matter?

Here’s the good news:  research can be done according to a formula and produce pretty good results, maybe even good enough for 60–80 percent of situations.  But formula research will never produce great results.  It won’t break through or innovate.  It will never result in leadership—market, industry, or otherwise.  If you really want to move beyond the pack, you have to depart from the world of formula research.

About Jessica Coffey
Jessica Coffey’s background and education encompasses design, research, and psychology.  As co-founder of Teneo Research, she draws on over a decade of experience leading global research and design programs for innovative companies such as HP, Microsoft, Pepsi, Samsung, and Whirlpool.  Prior to Teneo, Jessica was senior director of research at Fiori Product Development, where she led and grew its renowned research business.  She served as professor and design research manager at the Center for Universal Design at NC State, and has also held design and research positions with esteemed firms including E-Lab and Ziba Design.

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