Date: January 28, 1999
Mollie Peters, Amy Gilliam, Ulana Kushner — Peters Translation, Inc.

You keep hearing the term “localization”, but what is it really? What makes it happen? How is it done? How can you bring multi-cultural issues into synch with technology?

Cultural conventions, functionality, linguistics, and graphics are all affected by localization.

Join us for a panel discussion covering the localization experience. We’ll explore multi-media, e-commerce, internal and proprietary software, shrink-wrap software, and web/internet applications.

Mollie Peters
As founder and President of Peters Translation, Mollie has developed and facilitated multi-lingual communication programs for leading NW companies for over twenty years. She served on the advisory board of Portland State University’s Interpretation and Translator Training Program. She has translated five books from German and written on machine translation and on translation quality issues.

Amy Gilliam
As Localization Manager at Peters Translation, Amy creates processes and quality assurance protocols for software localization and translation memory. She directs the automated translation system and international document management program at Peters.

Ulana Kushner
Ulana is responsible for New Business Development at Peters Translation. She brings 20 years of media experience, combined with an extensive background in cross-cultural business communications and web technology.

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