Date: January 12, 2005
Margaret Morris & Jay Lundell, Ph.D. — Proactive Health, Intel Research

Intel’s Proactive Health Research group used ethnography to discover the needs and challenges of older adults, particularly those struggling with cognitive decline. Jay Lundell and Margie Morris present some of Intel’s pervasive sensing technologies and work deploying sensor networks to detect, track and facilitate the social health of elders.

About the speakers

Margaret “Margie” Morris is a senior researcher with Intel’s Proactive Health group. She is a clinical psychologist whose research has focused on the way that people respond to and shape aspects of the environment, broadly defined to include ecology, architecture, and technology. She has expertise in health outcomes research and has developed a novel assessment approach that integrates network modeling techniques from cognitive psychology. She came to Intel from Sapient, where she studied consumer experience and technology adoption. She completed her PhD in clinical psychology at the University of New Mexico with a minor in behavioral neuroscience, her clinical internship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, and her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University.

Jay Lundell received his doctorate in cognitive psychology in 1988 from the University of Washington. There he studied decision making, expert knowledge, and computa-tional theories of cognition. Jay’s research in industry has focused on human-computer interaction for in-home consumer products. He has worked on Intel projects such as the Intel Web Tablet, the Intel museum site, as well as working with outside companies such as Ticketmaster and the Home Shopping Network to develop consumer-friendly Internet commerce sites. He now finds himself back working in a core field of cognitive psychology, the psychology of aging. In the Intel Proactive Health lab, he is conducting research to understand how technology might be used to help elders live independently and with a high quality of life in their homes as they experience cognitive decline.