Date: July 6, 2005
Nicholas Anderson, — Jim Fisher Volvo

The Microvision Nomad projects a transparent monochrome computer display into the wearer’s eye by means of a lightweight headset and is controlled by a belt-clip unit at the wearer’s side. Nik Anderson will share his experience deploying the Nomad wearable display at Jim Fisher Volvo and discuss the issues and obstacles encountered, both technical and human. Topics include a basic introduction and demonstration of the technology, technical details of implementation, factors regarding resistance to and acceptance of the tool by the users, what went right and what went wrong, and future possibilities for the technology in the automotive workplace.

About the speaker
Nicholas Anderson was born in Portland, Oregon, and he returned to Portland upon attending Reed College where he studied English Literature. A lifelong technology enthusiast, he now works at Jim Fisher Volvo, where he is responsible for the company’s IT infrastructure. He is in his fourth year with Jim Fisher Volvo.