How to Transform Design Processes for Inclusivity
January 6, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Wendy Johannson
Learn how to apply principles of inclusive design to our teams for more equitable collaboration, and products to ensure the conscious and ethical impact of our work in technology.

Recognize Exclusion, Design for Inclusion
March 3, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Bryce Johnson & John Porter
John and Bryce will talk you through how Microsoft's Inclusive Design principles were used to help shape the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and how you can leverage them in your own work to avoid disabling mismatches and create more empowering and inclusive experiences.

From Virtual Reality to Postcards and Back: A Guided Tour
March 24, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Bill Buxton
I am going to take you on a guided tour of the history of (largely) 3D viewers and the ability to experience remote places without being there. The stepping stones of my narrative will items selected out of the Buxton – Microsoft collection, spanning the period between 1838 and now. In this case, that uber-tale has to do with the nature of design, technical evolution, the cultural nature of what we do, and perhaps even the difference between technology evolution (a scientific notion) vs progress (an ethical one).

Remote Meetings That Get Us Back to Work
April 7, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Kevin Hoffman
In this talk, Kevin will pull extensively from his book Meeting Design and his experience teaching these skills and tackling these problems in conference workshops with companies around the world to show you how to make the most of all your meetings.

Rich Research at a Distance
May 5, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Cyd Harrell
Cyd will share her best conversational and technical tips from 14 years of remote research practice, and talk about ways to handle mobile interfaces, difficult topics, internet outages, and more.

Resilience and Remote Working
June 2, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Kate Pincott
Visualizing the available number of hours in a week to have solo focus time amidst the constant video calling helped me to get realistic about how much work can actually be achieved by the team, relieve pressure around anxieties of not being perceived as working hard enough, and manage stakeholder expectations on the pace of work.

Together, Alone: The Lessons and Future of Remote Design Teams
July 7, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Dylan Wilbanks
Dylan Wilbanks talks about plunging into the world of leading and managing a design team in a remote-only company, the lessons he learned, the horrible mistakes, and what lessons we can take away from our remote experience as we progress towards a post-pandemic working world.

CHIFOO Social: Picnic In Sellwood Park
August 4, 2021

Sellwood Park, Portland OR SE 7th Ave and SE Miller St, Portland, OR, United States

August 4 at 6:00 pm -8:00 pm at Sellwood Park The time has come where we can gather again in person at last. To celebrate we are throwing a picnic in Sellwood Park, where we can gather outdoors in fresh air and see each other's faces once again. Come join us for an evening of fun, food and togetherness!


Making the Switch: a panel discussion
October 6, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Stacy Taylor and more!
Have you been thinking about transitioning to a career in UX design but aren’t sure how to get your foot in the door? A panel of speakers will discuss current options and share how they got their jobs.

Designing Safer Spaces
Nov. 3, 2021

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Seda Evis
In times of uncertainty, ambiguity and change, how do we create spaces where we can be our authentic selves? How might we make
opportunities and experiences more accessible? How might we make safer spaces through design?

In this talk, we will explore methods of co-design so we can curate our spaces, physical or digital or hybrid. We’ll look at design’s role
in creating safer spaces, how products and services become artifacts of our experiences, and how design can impact communities at scale.