Cultural Swirl: Diversity as an Innovation Strategy with Ali Maaxa (Hybrid Event)

Fresh Consulting 811 SE Stark St #300, Portland, OR, United States

A cultural swirl is an open system with diverse participants that, in its inclusion of different ways of knowing and sensing and solving, seeks out encounters with serendipity. It offers tools and frameworks to cultivate diversity and collaboration within your teams. Drawing from her own research on global digital makers and users, Dr. Maaxa illustrates examples of cultural swirl that have led to groundbreaking innovation.

The Serendipity Skill with Corey Pressman (Hybrid Event)

Fresh Consulting 811 SE Stark St #300, Portland, OR, United States

Corey S. Pressman is an artist, author, and university professor living in the Pacific Northwest. This talk integrates game theory, psychology, philosophy, and art to demonstrate how serendipity may be developed as a skill.

Members Appreciation Social – Picnic In Sellwood Park

Sellwood Park, Portland OR SE 7th Ave and SE Miller St, Portland, OR, United States

The time has come for our annual social event in August and we can gather together in person again! This year we are returning to Sellwood Park for a lovely summer outing under the trees. The event will be catered and alcohol will be allowed on a BYOB basis. Non-members and guests can attend for $10. Bring the kids!

The Human Approach to Writing for Humans with Clifton B – (virtual event)

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

From websites to games to grocery stores, Clifton will show examples of when normal people are erroneously expected to think and act like superhumans, why being a superhuman is more of a curse than a blessing in this field, and provide tips on how to think like the regular humans we should be designing for.

Random Collisions in the Workplace – with Leo Frishberg (Virtual event)

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Frishberg focuses on the economic value of serendipity by showing the value of bringing us back into the workplace to drive our organizations' innovation cycles, often through the simplest of interactions: Random Collisions. Based on the 18-month Future of Work taskforce effort he co-led at athenahealth, Frishberg offers several models and frameworks that reinforce the need for human-to-human engagement in a real-world setting.

Swimming in Poison Waters with Alison Greco

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

Understanding anxiety in difficult times and learning how to move forward when you can’t know all the answers. How do you acknowledge your feelings, learn what they have to teach you, but not let them hold you back? Explore the relationship between fear and freedom.

2024 Speaker Series – Looking forward

Your Own Home via Zoom OR, United States

We're looking forward to bringing you more exciting content in 2024 and are excited that Jocelyn Brady will be one of our speakers! More info to come so continue to check back here as we update the events. In the meantime, get to know a little about Jocelyn Brady!