Creating a Culture of Learning and Encouraging Getting it Wrong
Ivana McConnell, Senior UI/UX Designer at

People are chaotic, and product design has to account for them— this is challenging, and often solved by doing research and testing. Everyone wants to say that they do user research and testing and validates their assumptions. However, we’re not prepared to be challenged, frustrated, and to get it wrong, even though we should get it wrong the first time, more often than not. This would be a talk focused on moving beyond just the buzzwords of “UX research” and “user testing” and moving towards a culture of not just encouraging failure, but expecting it, and the frustration that that brings in the short term: how to deal with the results of that research— when users don’t like it, or you suddenly realize you’ve built the wrong thing. Companies which encourage this kind of exploration without consequence will be more successful in the long run.

Ivana McConnell, Senior UI/UX Designer at Customer.ioAbout the Speaker

Ivana (@IvanaMcConnell) was born in Sarajevo to a civil engineer-turned-translator and a UN Logistics Officer-turned-software engineer. She arrived in Vancouver via Croatia, Scotland, and Toronto, and has previously made a living as a rock climbing instructor and video game tester. The first web problem she remembers solving is figuring out the difference between a local and public URL while sprucing up a Neopets guild page. These days she’s a senior UX designer at, and is most interested in the intersections of technology, identity, and data.

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