Elizabeth Bacon, Devise Consulting

In this talk, Liz will use the breadth of her professional background and core design practices to expound on the fundamental responsibility we have in HCI fields to humanize technology for the betterment of all. Her deep experience in user research, interaction design, product management as well as entrepreneurship all reflect her passion for solving wicked problems and ensuring that we’re making the world a better place through our work. She will talk about personas, a tool for humanizing “users” and working towards their good at every step of the product/service design and development process. (They may be misused but we’ll set that story straight.) She will expound upon scenarios, an essential interaction design method by which we envision delightful solutions that have persuasive power to convince the “powers that be” that we need to serve people’s goals. Throughout, she will use her focus on the health & wellness domains and offer examples to demonstrate the centrality of personal and professional ethics in our practices. Come and be inspired, while taking away actionable tools that improve everybody’s outcomes.

About the Speaker

Presenting how to humanize user's to create a better experience for all.Elizabeth Bacon (@ebacon)- “I’ve been practicing at the forefront of the interaction design and product management fields for almost twenty years. I began my career in 1999 at Cooper, the pioneering consultancy. I’m passionate about making the world a better place and have particularly focused on health, wellness and medical systems. My professional endeavors have included in-house roles at St. Jude Medical, Providence Health & Services, Cigna, and most recently as Head of Product at Qantas Assure in Australia. As an entrepreneur, I’ve run my own boutique design consultancy (Devise) since 2007, and had the joy of founding & selling a start-up (Find Wellness) from 2012-2014. I am also a Director Emeritus of IxDA Global (from 2007-2010), and strongly support the growth and maintenance of our professional communities. Personally, I love to write poetry, meditate, drive high-performance cars, and ride motorcycles.”

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